Thankful 3o/Day 3

I know I’m a little bit late on this post, but I had a late night last night and did not sleep very well and today it was busy, busy, busy.  So as I lay awake in my bed last night not falling asleep, I was thinking about this post.  When I couldn’t fall asleep, I thought how lucky I am to have such a comfortable place to not fall asleep in <3…  Today or rather tonight I am going to write about how thankful  I am for my bed and my bedroom.  

I have the best bed in the whole wide world.  It is big and it is so comfy.  The sheets are a great thread count and my blankets are just so comfortable.  They keep me warm and feel so smooth against my skin.  In the winter the one thing I really look forward to is our electric blanket ❤  How lucky I am to have that, b/c Midwest winter nights can get really cold !!!!  

I also have a bed that’s just full of life every night.  Both of our dogs, Bella and Mz. Elsa and our cat Louiebird all sleep in the bed with us.  It’s a king size which is good or I don’t think we would all fit.  I sometimes have to kick Mr. Louiebird (the cat) out because he likes to roll around and harass the dogs.  First he’ll kick Mz. Elsa out then he’ll go sleep on the stepping stairs that I put up for Mz. Elsa so she can’t get back in the bed.  Then she’ll stand there and bark at Louie until I finally get up and put her up back in bed.  They really rotate all around all night.   There’s a doggie bed on the floor they fight over.  I usually wake up in the morning with all of them sleeping soundly, thinking why don’t you do that at night when it matters.  The husband just gets up and goes in the other room.

I am so thankful for my room and my bed.  It really is my space to de-compress.  I have a tv, all of my reading & writing material.  I have a prayer space in the corner.  It stays dark in the morning so when I can sleep in, I can sleep in.  I never take my room for granted.  Every night when I go to bed for the night, I feel so blessed to have such a peaceful place to rest.   I also love my roommate, the husband.  We truly are soul mates.  

When he wakes up and he’s just laying there awake, I always wake up.  I tell him he has to go to sleep in another room because if he’s awake, I’m awake.   It’s like when you are a mom with little kids and you just know when they are  awake.  I think it’s been since like 1981 since I’ve had a full nights sleep but that’s okay.  I’m not a big fan of quiet.  I like hearing people breathing and sleeping.   Listening to the night sounds, cars driving around with loud music, wind and rain.   It just feels normal ❤ …

So tonight when you go to bed, just try to think about how lucky you are to have a bed with covers.  That you have somewhere you can recharge to live another day.  Blessing and have a great night sleep ❤   I’ll post some of my pictures of my room ❤     



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