Dr. Scott and Kuiper’s Apple Orchard

Yes that’s what I did today.  So just about finished up with the root canal.  Today I got the temporary put on and the last step will be the permanent crown.  My goodness such a lot of work for one tooth.  But I am really grateful every time I go to the dentist that # 1.  Dr. Scott is my dentist (because he’s a really great dentist and he’s my friend) # 2.  That I can go to a really great dentist to do so much work on one little tooth and # 3.  I got to see Cheryl and she always makes me laugh 🙂 !!!   

Today was a bonus too because we went out the the apple orchard and got some really great donuts and and apple pie that looks amazing, and I got to sit outside with the husband and enjoy some hot apple cider and one of those donuts.  The weather was perfect, sunny and a little chilly, but really  just perfect.

img_4848 img_4854







It’s been a great Saturday and the Puck’s about to drop so I think it will be pizza for dinner and the Hawk’s.  Sounds good to me.  Tomorrow it’s going to be, “Sleep in Sunday,” for sure ❤  Go Hawk’s !!!

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