Write anything Wednesday

Again that’s what I’m going to do.  I have got a little bit off of my habit of writing something everyday, blogging, whatever.  I do have a good excuse.  I went to the Dr.’s Monday for my hands.  They have just been getting more painful day by day.  Well he said that I have arthritis in both of them and gave me something to reduce the inflamtion.  Well this is me again sitting looking at this huge, I mean H U G E pill and still not taking it.   So my hands are still hurting but I am icing them.  I don’t think it’s working but that pill is too huge.  I have a problem taking anything from the doctor, idk why.  The husband says, “I don’t know why you even go.  You never do what they tell you to do.”   I think it’s because I’ve been surrounded by the medical profession my whole life.  Mom was a nurse, my sister is a nurse, my daughter is a nurse, my friends are nurses.  Too many stories and too much information.  Ignorance is bliss and I’m pretty sure I could have a license to practice medicine.   You know what I mean.  

So I have been thinking about this whole blogging thing and why I do it.  I got a comment on one of my comments that I put up on one of the sites I follow.  I’m going to post it because this is why I blog.  Because the people out in the blogosphere are usually kind and can really can help you get through some tough spots.  They have an objective view of things.  Usually they have no reason to hurt you and just want to give you some helpful advice <3.  So here’s the comment I got…

      ” Lovely blog! You appear to be keeping on keeping on, and that’s a blessing. My condolences on your father’s passing. Yes, it’s a shame that you didn’t get to inherit any of his money. But would you really want money that might just have negative energy sprayed all over it by that woman? I wonder if she’s heard the quote: “What goes around, comes around.” Oh well…it’ll be a surprise then won’t it, and level her it will. I hope you live, let God, and let go. You appear to have talent, and creativity. See how you can use that which you’ve been given from the man upstairs to net riches of a different kind. Highest and Best!  “

So this is my music for this post because it just feels right.  I love this band and the song.

This is the same thing the husband said.  He’s right and so is this blogger.   I do pray a lot and thank God for all of my blessings ❤ I would never have gotten this far without his grace.   I also want to thank all of the blogger’s out there who give me such encouragement..  I think I have something like 285 follower’s so I have come pretty far in 2 years back when I started with only 1.  Someone said to me, “I don’t care about your blog.  No one reads your  blog anyway.”  Well I guess someone reads it because everyday there are blogger’s out there commenting and liking what I do.  So I am truly grateful for all of you who follow and read and to all of you who do I say, “Thank You <3.”

Well it’s hump day and it’s payday this week.  The Blackhawk’s have really been doing well so it’s very exciting to watch.  Yes me and Connie have been face timing and watching the games.  Hopefully my hands will get better and I can get back to blogging everyday.  The doctor said I have really pretty hands though so that made me feel better.   I’m sure my nail lady will be glad to hear that.  IMG_3589

Go Hawks !!!  They won last night 7 to 4 B O O M !!! and Marian Hossa got his 500th goal !!!  Way to go Marian !!!  I was flipping back & forth to a tv show I was watching and right when he scored his 500th goal I had just turned it back to the Hawks !!!  Go me 😉

I have been working on my Travelor’s Notebook and Planners so hopefully I will do a post on that.  I’m still trying to get that Dump Cake baked too. Stay tuned and remember, I love ya ❤ …  

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