Good Evening

This is strange because I usually put a blog post up in the morning, but I’ve been kind of stuck.  So I started writing my, “Morning Page’s.”  Morning Pages are writing anything for 3 pages.  Doesn’t matter if you scribble, punctuate, topic or not, just write.  So I thought I would try that this morning.  It was good.  Whenever I do that I end up thanking God for another day and it always ends with a prayer and a positive thought.  Today was no different.  The husband took the car b/c he had an appointment at lunch and then I had a Dr.’s appt.   I got a little cleaning done, almost ground zero.  Not quite but the important things like the bathrooms and kitchen.  Laundry, OMG so I kept turning on the dryer to fluff before I folded (come on we all do it, turn on the dryer over and over again).  So I’m ready to fold it now and I open the dryer and it’s empty, OMG !!!!  Really so I just threw the load from yesterday’s wash and started a new load.   It’s really nice b/c I don’t have so much laundry.  Just me and the husband.  That’s a lot different from washing for 7 people !!!

Then I had a planner session, getting my week on.  I really love, love, love my planner.  You just don’t know how much planner stuff is out there and I always need something.  I am so addicted to that planner stuff and all the planner’s, well I’m in need of a planner intervention I’m pretty sure.  It is definitely my happy place.   So here’s some of what I’ve been doing with all my Planner stuff.

Here’s a little dreamy, jazzy music for your evening while you look at my beautius planner.  

 The weekend went by way too fast.  We did clean more of the garage out and I have decided I’m just going to start really purging, and yes throwing stuff away.  The rest of the stuff, I’m going to sell.  I want to start over and get new stuff.  It’s time ❤  We watched the Blackhawk’s and OMG thank you they righted the ship.  I really can’t watch it when they loose.  But they looked better Saturday night (Thank you, Jesus) and we watched with Connie & Matthew.  It’s just how we stay close even though miles separate us.  Technology is really amazing.  I’m looking forward to the holidays, now that’s something I don’t usually say, but going on a road trip in November and then Christmas is just going to be amazing.  It’s really great to have something to look forward to.  It’s been a long time.

Well I just wanted to touch base with all my blogging family <3.  This has really helped me keep going.  Love ya and Blessings <3. 

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