Hey, Hey It’s Friday

Here’s a little music while you read.  I just love, love, love this song.  There’s a whole story about Leonard Cohen who wrote it.  I think I love it so much because when the husband sings it, my heart just melts…

The sun is shining, it’s a little cool.  Sweatshirt weather which who doesn’t love.  The husband is coming home early today and we are going to get our pumpkins & mums.  Going to try a new place that is suppose to have a to die for Fish Fry Friday.  I’ll get my planning going on early.  I am going to have to start planning our road trip out East for Thanksgiving yeah, yeah !!!  I really love taking road trips with the husband.  We travel really well together and we’ve been doing it for so long well it’s just like finishing each other’s sentences.  I just hope the weather cooperates, because I’m not driving through those mountains if it’s snowy or icy or anything other than sunny and beautiful !!

The first thing I’m going to try to get done is organizing my planning center because it is one hot mess.  My friend Lisa is coming over and I hope we can figure it out.  Everything starts with a goal and a plan.  So it I can get my planning/blogging/office area set up and ready to go that will make me very happy.  Right now it’s just a desk.  I want to make it look really pretty and organized.


So this weekend we are going to finish the garage and watch the Blackhawk’s and sleep in.  I get to sleep in everyday now (8am ish) because there’s a bus right on the corner that takes the husband to the train, very cool !!!  The weather is going to be beautiful so it will be perfect for outside.  I’ll put some pictures up when I’m done.  

I hope all is well in your world.  Have a great weekend.  Oh one more thing, I’m going to get that dump cake baked so stay tuned for that… Love ya ❤    

4 Comments on “Hey, Hey It’s Friday

  1. Lovely song. I can praise the Lord day or night, and this song certainly helped. You sound like a busy lady. You also sound like you’re content with your lifestyle; you enjoy it even. I hope the weather holds for you as well. There’s nothing more unsettling than coming ’round the mountain in poopy weather. I’ve done it though, ’cause when you have to get somewhere you really want to me, you do what you have to. Hope you picked the prettiest mums and the plunkiest pumpkin. Darn! Dump cake sounds delicious. I almost wish I was close enough to come begging. Highest and Best!!!

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