Write Anything Wednesday

So yes I’m just going to do that.  There is a lot in my mind right now.  Didn’t sleep very good last night.  I was watching a movie til 1am, “An Officer and A Gentleman.”  That was a pretty good movie.  So I didn’t get to decompress and as a result I was up til like 3am and then the husband woke me up or one of the animals got a popcorn ball and was making all kind of noise.  So it’s going to be one of those kind of days…  I’ll try to take a nap because you know what tonight is? That’s right it is the season opener of H O C K E Y !!!  OMG I am so excited.  Come to think of it that’s probably why I didn’t sleep.  I just love those guys ❤  They remind me of my boys.  Hard working, tough and determined.  Plus I could never do what they do.   The talent, I mean I can barely skate let alone skate fast while holding a stick and passing a puck with some goon on my back crashing me into the boards.  It’s amazing and I can’t hardly wait and it’s going to be such a good day.  Me and Connie have already set the time to FaceTime and watch the game.  I really need for it to be Hockey season again. 

As I was laying awake thinking about what to blog about I thought I would make it a Dump Day, but then I realized it was Write Anything Wednesday so I’ll save that one for maybe tomorrow.  I think I’m going to bake a cake today.  I have been seeing a lot of these dump cakes so I’m going to try one out today and I’m in luck it’s cloudy and rainy.  A good day for baking.  I’m also going to make some snacks for the game tonight.  

Finally I’m going to have a planning session and work on the business.  Getting some Christmas Cards printed, yes I said Christmas Cards.  It’s really here so I’m going to get ahead of it.  Now that I am an empty nester, no more excuses not getting things done.  These are going to be my Christmas Cards that I’m getting printed up.   Look for them at http://elancreationspainter.com… 

  Yesterday when I was in the grocery store I dropped an entire 12 pack of Cherry 7-up all over the place (I have really bad hands, painful IDK why).  So a couple of stocker’s came over to help.  I had a one of those smaller carts so they rearranged everything for me.  Went down to the other end of the aisle to get some coke and dropped my $4 latte from Starbucks all over the place trying to get those 12 packs,ugh.  OMG could I be any more annoying.  It really was a Mr. Mom moment.  Since I no longer have any kids with me, I can’t blame them.  I just made a quick exit and I’m sorry to the stocker’s for the mess I made 😉 …

I promise now that it’s hockey season, I won’t bore you with, “Everything Blackhawks.”  I hope to get my baking done and I’ll put up the recipes and some pictures.  Here’s a few pictures from previous seasons.  I’m also going to try to get some planning pictures up today too, so remember to check back.

Okay enough with the pictures !!!  I love it though, great memories ❤ …  And you know I just had to put up this youtube video.  “Go Hawks !!!”   Let’s get Lord Stanley back !!!

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