Happy Monday

Good morning blogger’s I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  The weather was just perfect and I’m one step closer to having my tooth fixed which is a good thing.  This is going to be a great week.  I know, “Why is it going to be a great week?” you are asking yourself.  Well I’ll tell you…H O C K E Y ‘ s B A C K my friend and OMG I couldn’t be happier.  Having had 3 son’s who were into sports of anykind and always watching something with a ball being thrown around, I really never favored any sport.  I guess if I had to it would’ve been baseball b/c I love the summer and that’s where me and the husband’s first date was and yadayadayada.  That was until my Connie came along and fell in love with hockey.  He’s are youngest and none of the other guys were that into it and our Blackhawk’s weren’t that good.  I sort of remembering going to one game, but our seats were up high, I couldn’t really see what was going on (because it is a very fast game) and I remember I was cold.  Then a couple of years ago, everything changed and I really don’t know why I just fell in love with the game.

I just watched this video again and I’m smiling ear to ear 🙂  I could watch it over and over again.  I really love these guys ❤

It really has been a wonderful distraction to life.  It is my, “Happy Place 🙂 ”  When I know there is a game that night, it’s just a better day.  I plan my weekend’s around it.  The most fun though is going to a game and now we usually get really good tickets, sometimes we’re on the glass which is just amazing when we sit in those seats.  

So get ready because I’m sure I will be blogging a lot about the season.  The Winter Classic is close by this year so who know’s I’m sure Santa’s listening ❤  Here are some pictures of the last Winter Classic we went to in D.C., 2015.  The weather was beautiful, 60’s on New Year’s Day.

Well it’s been fun to take a look back this morning, but I have to get busy.  Going to have a planning session for my week, ground zero and I better do some laundry, this afternoon going to get some mum’s and pumpkins for outside and who knows what’s for dinner.  I wish it would rain so I could make some soup or bake a pie.  Maybe I better be careful what I wish for and just enjoy this amazing weather.  Have a great day and Go Hawk’s (Wednesday vs. the Nashville Predator’s).

2 Comments on “Happy Monday

  1. Found you on the blogger meetup! We are 2 of the blogs featured on the #likefollowshare challenge. Come with me a Like Follow Share all the others that are featured with us! By the way glad you posted about the BlackHawks and not the Bears. GOPackGO!

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