Saturday w/Dr. Scott

So I was going to put up a blog with all my links for, “Sell something Saturday,” but alas I was with Dr. Scott and he was finishing up my root canal.  So it is done and he did not hurt me even one little bit !!!  I am glad that’s over with but I still have to get a temporary crown in a couple of weeks and then a permanent one so it will be nearly Christmas before it’s done.  I did get some cute pictures for Halloween at his office.

img_4818img_4819That’s Dr. Scott & Cheryl to the left and then the hubby and Cheryl, oh and we can’t forget about the creepy skeleton sitting in the chair w/a toothbrush 🙂  Always leave smiling after we are with these two 🙂

I’m going to put up the links anyways because remember it’s still, “Sell something Saturday or Sunday … ”  Enjoy the rest of your weekend blogger’s, love ya ❤ …  Here’s some music to enjoy while you shop.  I’m not a huge Rick Springfield fan (Jesse’s Girl) but I saw him on TV yesterday.  He has been writing music since he was 14 OMG, impressive.  He’s also an actor and a published author, W O W is all I can say.  This is a video off his new Album, “Down,” enjoy ❤

Don’t forget to use my Amazon Widget if you go shopping on-line at Amazon !!!

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