My Planner Heaven

So again I have spent the morning with my planner’s and my planner youtube videos.  You simply would not believe the amount of planner stuff there is today.  There are the planner’s &  dashboards & stickers, oh my, and I love, love, love it all !!!  I have decided I am going to start a planner workshop.  I have everything planner.  I have Franklin Covey, Websters Pages planners.  I have started developing the travel planner’s with the Midori’s.  Planner’s have always been a passion of mine.  Ever since my sister Liz, bought me my first one.  I even have my first homemade planner that I created some 35 years ago.  I just watched a new video of, “The Reset Girl Planners by Simple Stories.”  It was a beautiful thing !!!

For today I’m going to put up some pictures of my planner’s.  I know you’ve probably seen them but they are my life.  I’ll tell you a story, and I’ll try to be brief.  One of the books that I read many, many years ago was, “Write it Down, Make it Happen.”  It means just what the title says.  So I started writing things down and whenever I did by some means of providence it usually happened.  So I started incorporating that with my planner.  Writing things down, goals, shopping lists, errands, projects.  You get the picture, and yes I started noticing that the things that I wrote down were getting completed.  I now also have an entire section in my planner, you got it tabbed, ” Write it Down 😉 ”  So starting right now I am going to start planning my, “Planner’s Workshop.”  I hope you will follow.   I have already wrote it down in my Planner, B O O M !!!  

As you can see the possibilities are endless !!!  Today really is a planning kind of day.  Blessings ❤

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