He walks by my side

Faith, it’s such a small word.  Only 5 little letters.  F A I T H  It’s hard to keep  when things are not going so well, but that’s when you need it most.  You don’t need faith when your bank account is full and all the bills are paid.  You need faith when your phone is shut off, you are getting evicted and the sheriff is at the door seizing your car.  

You don’t need faith when you come out of the doctor’s office and he says the results are negative, it’s all fine I’ll see you next year.   You need faith when he says we should look further.  Let’s take another picture then he comes out and says, “Yes we should do a biopsy as soon as possible.”  That’s definitely when you need to believe that God is watching.  With faith you can go forward.

You don’t need faith when you have your other half with you and you know for sure he’s the real deal.  He loves you and he’ll be there for you and the life you have built together.  You know he’s in it for the long haul.  He’s in it when life gets tough.  You need faith for the real ugly stuff,  unemployment, death of a child, serious illness with a long road of rehabilitation, losing your business, losing your home.  That’s where those vows you took you know, better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health are more than just words.  They really mean something.

I’m pretty sure I have most of those t-shirts in my closet.  I’m proud of me, I’m proud of him, I proud of my boys because we are strong.  We are family and we get through it together.  Igging it out always.  We don’t quit because we have faith.  We have faith in each other and we have faith in a plan that is bigger than us.  God is watching us and we stay by his side.  Faith it’s a 5 letter word that you should never forget.  Because it’s what gets you through this thing called life.

So if life is handing it to you right now, pray and have faith because this too shall pass.  “Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm.  The warrior whisper’s back, I am the storm !!”

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