Friendship Friday

Hi, this is going up a little late, but you know what they say, “Better late than, well you know.”  This evening I want to get a shout out to a new friend I made this past year.  It’s directly related to this blog.  She is a fantastic writer so definitely go check out her blog.  She is also having to deal with some pretty heavy things so any prayers or good thoughts her way will surely help.  I am not only proud to say she is my friend, but she is also my hero !!  She has shown her strength through her trials.  She keeps blogging and smiling through it all.  Good for you Mz. D.  I hope all went well today.  I hope you are doing better and I am looking forward to lunch again soon.  Also this holiday season they are going to have the kris kringle mart in downtown.  We are going to have to take a stroll down there.  Well I am going to put up our selfie that we took at lunch, and remember let’s enjoy every sandwich ❤  Love ya, Mz. D  I think the picture turned out pretty good  ❤  Feel better ❤  Here is the link to this lovelies blog… It’s really good, and she is a great read…Enjoy


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