Happy Birthday & TBThursday to you

I thought you would like this Happy Birthday ❤

OMG so I’m trying to think of something that’s throwback and how could I forget !!!  It was even in my memory feed on FB.  Last year, glorius last year ❤  we were in Maine having the time of our lives.  That’s where you’ll find me, if you don’t know where I am.  So happy birthday to my wonderful husband.  This is the 41st bday I have celebrated with you, OMG !!!

Wish we were there again, don’t worry we will definitely be back to our very special place !!!

Happy Birthday, my love ❤  To the next 41 years ❤  

p.s.  I’ll even try to sell a painting for your birthday.  I think the Portland Headlight is a good choice.  He had it sketched out and painted before we left Maine ❤  It’s for sale on our website.



5 Comments on “Happy Birthday & TBThursday to you

    • He says thank you very much, he doesn’t like bdays very much at his age, whatever…I took him out to his fav, Burrito and got him a Nothing Bundt Cake/White, White Chocolate and I got me one too. White Raspberry Chocolate, yum it was good…:)

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