Sunday Evening

Thought I would put up the latest on Matthew.  He’s just finishing up with, “Studio One” the first show of the season on Richmond Ballet.  I stole one of the pics b/c that’s the only way I can get them.  No worries, I’m just sharing it with you guys ❤


That’s Valerie in the red, Matthew in back.  Kirk is off to the stage right, (Valerie’s Husband in real life) and I think that is Sabrina in the white.  I also found an old video of Matthew dancing to “Everyday People” back in the day.  I love it and watching him dance.  Enjoy ❤  

4 Comments on “Sunday Evening

    • That was 10 years ago !!! He owns that stage now…If you hear the clapping in the background, that was me 🙂 Such a stage mom, but I loved every minute of it and still do. Hope to get out to see him in Nutcracker this Christmas. Thanks for visiting Mz. D, I hope you are healing and feeling better every day. I’m so proud of you ❤ You were very brave 😉

  1. Right, the crap we have to go through. Even those stupid mammograms, smashing your boob. They can put men on the moon and they can’t come up with an easier test than that. I had a biopsy a couple of years ago. It all turned out fine, but that’s it for me. I ended up running out of the operating room and told my husband to take me home. He didn’t and they had to talk me back off the ledge into the operating room. Like I said, “You are my hero 😉 “

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