Monday, Monday

Let’s start off  with a favorite of mine…Bon Jovi’s, “Hallelujah<3”

Yes it is Monday and it’s going to be a beautiful week in the weather department.  Maybe a little bit warm, but that’s okay because soon enough…Well you know, Winter.  The weekend was really good. We got a lot accomplished and we even had a little bit of fun.  Was up at the crack of dawn, no really like 6 am on a Saturday morning 😦  I had a dentist appointment at 10 am with Dr. Scott so we had to get going early.  

Was not looking forward to it, but really just wanted to get it over with.  We were late and he was having a crazy Saturday so all he did was look at it to make sure the temporary was holding and rescheduled me for October.  Whatever, that’s a great thing to happen.  I was happy so we just turned around and went for a late breakfast and just enjoyed the rest of our day.  Weather was perfect ❤

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I know it kind of looks like I’m crying but really we are just laughing like we do when we are together.  They are my family and he is the best dentist in the whole world !!!  Know really he is.  I love, love, love you guys ❤ and I’m really looking forward to October’s root canal, not…  

Saturday evening we were just sitting around, plucking on the computers, channel surfing.  The dogs were fed and just laying around and Mr. Louie trying to mix it up with Bella when I thought, ” I really don’t just want to sit around and do this for the rest of Saturday night,” so we went to the movies.  We saw, ” Sully. ”  It was really good and I’m pretty sure I gained back at least 4lbs after the whole bag of snicker’s and buttered popcorn I ate.  Oh and don’t forget the Large Coke I drank to wash it all down with.  Don’t care, I was out with my guy having a great date night.  Here’s a memory we made.  Love it ❤ !!!


We are two goofy people who still know how to have fun after all these years.  40 to be exact ❤ !!!  Well it is Monday morning and the day is going to get away from me if I sit here and talk to you guys all day so I better get going.  Planning session and maybe Starbucks or vice versa.  Have a great week.  Love ya ❤






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  1. Hello, what a lovely blog you have…I came from Susie’s link party, you’re welcome to stop by 🙂

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