Monday Meals

I wanted to get this up earlier, but you know the day is over before I know it.  I’m going to try to make this a regular on my blog.  It is going to contain some of my cooking.  I love, love, love to cook. It’s the Italian in me and my little old Italian grandmama ❤ (Bless her soul).  She was the best cook ever and I learned a lot from the summer’s I spent on the farm with her.  My grandpapa worked in a dairy, i.e. butter, milk, cream.  A match made in heaven.  I remember asking my mom why the butter tasted so much better at grandma’s house ??  It never tasted that good back home.  Then she told me that grandmama used real butter and we only used margarine.  Hence never again would margarine pass through my lips.  Difference of day and night.

I spent the summer’s at grandma’s with about 15 of my cousins.  Irish & Italian family so it was very, very large.  In the morning we would spend it out in the garden, tending to the weeds and the rest of the day we just visited all the surrounding farms drooling over all the farm boys who were very, very cute.  Here’s a picture of the cousin’s at the end of the summer family reunion.  


She was quite a woman, and this is all my cousins ❤  Love you all to pieces ❤  Okay I’ll tell you which one I am.  I’m right in the middle of what looks like the 2nd row w/pigtails and a red, white and blue striped shirt.  Not really smiling, a little edgy even back in the day 🙂  There were 2 more cousins added to the bunch a couple of year later if you can believe that.  

I’m kind of off topic, back to Monday’s Meals.  Really it was Sunday dinner, re-invented.  So I haven’t been cooking a lot lately idk why but every now and then I just get the urge to and I do.  So yesterday I thought I would make my Savory Ring Sandwich.  It’s just me and the husband so it seemed like a good healthy choice.  We would have it for dinner and then he could take some of the leftover’s for lunch on Monday and I’d have some too.  It’s really good the second day because of all of the spices, especially the garlic.

It’s really very easy to put together.  The hardest part (if there is one) would be making the bread but that’s pretty easy too.  Here’s the pictures…

The 1st picture is two rolls of pillsbury french bread put together.  Spray with some vegetable oil, press in some garlic (I used roasted garlic from Mariano’s) in the dough, sprinkle some sweet basil and a little oregano, done.  Bake @350 degrees (I used my baking stone) for 26/30 minutes.  Watch it and adjust to what you like your bread to look like.  I turn halfway through.  Finished, my ring of bread baked for the sandwich ❤  It really tastes homemade..

After that, it’s pretty much up to you and what deli meats you would enjoy. I used hard salami, honey maple turkey and deli sliced ham on the bone.  It had a really nice sweet, salty taste to it.  Sometimes I use bologna.  Next come the cheeses. I used some baby swiss and medium Wisconsin cheddar topped off with the veggies lettuce, tomatoes and peppers.  You can really use whatever you like though.  I finish it off with some Italian Dressing, done and yum.

 I paired it with my baked beans, chips and dip and a glass of milk.  There you have it Sunday Dinner re-invented.  No muss, no fuss.  It was kind of nice to eat at home with the husband to end a perfectly lovely weekend.  Enjoy ❤

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