Today I’m going to introduce you to my sister’s.  I’m going to start out by saying we share no DNA, but they are my friend’s, my sister’s, my family.  We don’t get to choose our family, we just luck into that whole drama.  Over the years I have learned much from my family situation.  I have always prided myself in my ability to set up a positive support system around me because if I’ve learned one thing, too many things happen along the road of life to go it alone or w/o any family.

Family is very important.  A mom and dad who love you and support you, truly a gift and a blessing.  Siblings to share the road of life with you.  Now I am one of 4 girls.  My oldest sister was born in 1955 and me the youngest of the 4 was born in 1959.  So you see there is no age difference or gender gap of any kind.   I  try to focus on the positivity of my life and move on from all the negative crap.  

My first sister I’m going to introduce you to is Beth.  She’s younger than me but she’s been around for a long, long time.  I have learned over the years that God brings people in your life that are good for you.  He is the one who truly sets up your support system and clearly before you even need it.  I’ve learned this through hind site.  She is/was a professional organizer.  Clearly a passion of mine.  I have been a homemaker and mother of 4.  I was constantly on the quest for the most streamlined approach to do everything when it came to my home and family i.e. cooking, cleaning, laundry, financial management, kids, yadayadayadayada.  She was awesome and I learned so much from her.  We first started out with a business relationship, but it quickly grew into a dear friendship and I owe her so much.  She has been there with me through it all.  I’m thinking 2006, but a lot has happened in those last 10 years.

She supported me through some of the toughest times in my life and made it all seem so normal and it was all going to be fine, even though maybe it wasn’t.  She saw it all and gives me her honest feedback of it everything that took place.  Especially when I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, and I’m questioning my very existence.  She keeps me grounded and supports me when she knows exactly what shoes I have been walking in.  Because she’s been there walking right besides me. 

I’ll share some pics with you of some of the really fun times we’ve shared together.  That’s all for now on my 1st sister.  I love ya, Mz. Beth.  Can hardly wait to go have tea again this year.  

This is what sister’s do ❤  This is what life is all about.  Sharing the rough and tumble of life but moving on and doing the fun stuff.  It’s what gets you through the day ❤ … 

8 Comments on “Sisters/Friends

  1. AWWWW this just made my day. I wish I had read it hours ago but I just got to it this minute! You’re like a sister to me too! Love you Patti!

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