Road Trip/Throw Back Thursday

I definitely need a song to get the energy level up.  This one usually is better than a cup of coffee.  

I just realized that I did very little blogging on our road trip out East last year.  It was one of those things that I said, “I’ll do it when I get home.”  I never did.  I was looking at my pictures this morning and I have so many pictures that make me feel so good.  The story of a life, pictures really do tell it all.  It’s usually of a very happy time.  I don’t know many people who take pictures (personal)  of the bad times in life.  We usually don’t want to re-live those feelings.  Anyways, I’m going to put some of the pictures of our trip out East last year.  Final destination was Bar Harbor, ME.  It was a glorious trip.

So our first stop, when we got to where we were going was Portland, ME.  So many good memories.  We lived out there at one point when we were raising our kids.  I had one in Kindergarten, 1 in elementary, 1 in middle school and 1 in high school.  Probably why I don’t remember my 30’s or 40’s.  Just woke up one day and I was in my 50’s :)…  We stayed at the Portland Harbor Hotel.  Much better to stay at the Boutique hotels rather than a chain.  So much more personal.

The first day in Portland we went to the husband’s favorite place in the world, Higgins Beach.  His rock is out there and evidently the house we are going to live in one day.  Saw an artist selling his painting’s.  Such a New Englander !!   All I can say is it was a beautiful beach and never have I been anywhere else in my life that has so much character.  If I ever disappear (which is entirely possible) this is where I will be.  God brought be to this place many years ago.  A place which literally saved my life and I am so happy that the husband loves it too.  We will make many memories in the years to come I am sure of that.  Most likely we will retire up here because both of us have a little piece of our soul in the sand at Higgins Beach.

Our next place we visited was where we lived.  It was in Scarborough, ME.  It was a beautiful subdivision.  The bus picked everyone up right in front of the house.  As a homemaker and mother of school age children, that was a beautiful thing !!!  I loved the smell of the sea breeze every morning.  The winter was even beautiful.  Everything in Maine was breathtaking.  The people were also very friendly, you were a Mainard if you were born and raised there other wise you weren’t. Still they were very kind hearted people.  That was a sandwich shop down the street from us with the very best what else, Lobster Rolls and really good pizza bites which the husband loved.  Also we were members of St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church which is also shown above.

We ended the day with dinner at Demmilo’s.  This of course was our favorite floating restaurant of all time in Portland.  I had the Lazy Lobster and the husband had Haddock which I’m sure both were caught that morning.  So fresh and delicious…

A couple of more pics from the restaurant.  Food was out of this world !!!  That was just a let’s say whirlwind of our time in Portland.  On the road again to Bar Harbor…  Really looking foreward to that.  I’ll end it for here now.  I do need to do some work.   Planner, ground zero, pay some bills (get a balance, ugh) and let’s not forget that ever important permission to nap.  Have a great day, love ya ❤ …  

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