Summer’s Over Mr. Knight-Linger

This is my prayer to start the week with.  It brings me a peaceful start, “Hallelujah.” 

Good Tuesday morning out there in the blogging world.  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Ours was glorious !!!  We sold 2 pictures from our Amazon Site.  This is our Handmade by Amazon link:

I know, strange looking link, but it works.  Hey people there is a learning curve for this 50 + something grandmama 🙂  But the link will bring you there.  You can also go check out our own site. where we’ve cut out the middle man and it’s more streamlined.  Here is one of the pictures we sold this Labor Day Weekend.

The Passion of Christ
The Passion of Christ

I have to tell you it is so exciting to wake up and look at my email for my stores and see a sale.  It gives me hope and my dream stays alive ❤   

He has also started woking on oils and they are looking really good.  I could be a bit prejudiced, but I don’t think so.  When I see the love and the commitment that goes into just one painting, well then you understand just what a special piece of artwork it is.  He fusses over every little detail to make it just perfect.  I must say it drives me a little nuts.  Sometimes I have to tell him to sign the picture and put an amen to it 🙂  He usually does ❤  

Like I said we are going to put a full court press on our store and I’m going to freshen up the blog.  Here’s a couple of reminders.  I already posted the links up above for our stores on the web.  Remember though on my blog to shop through my link at amazon.  It really helps.  We are hoping that with the fall/winter season people we be in more shopping on-line and getting ready for the holidays.  I also posted a, “Blog Candy,” give away.  There’s still time to enter.  It’s open til Friday, no purchase necessary.  I’ll re-post it in case you missed it…



It’s a holiday weekend, its the end of summer and I’m feeling SNAPPY. I’d like to do our first ever BLOG CANDY giveaway here at Elan Creations. Here’s how its works:

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I’ll number each comment and by random draw for the winner next Sunday, September 11, 2016.

The winner gets an unframed print of his/her choice.

Have a great week !!!  ❤   


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