Hello Fall

This is my absolute favorite time of year!!!  The weather is perrrrrfect for just about everything.  Low stress season.  Holidays are still far off, days are getting shorter.  The planner is just waiting to be opened and reading a book and watching tv is something to look forward too.  Cooking, baking, menu planning is starting.  I love making a pot of soup or baking an apple pie.  It’s too soon for pumpkin pie but the apples are just great this time of year.  Let’s not forget the carmel apples.  The candy shop in town makes the best !!!  

This weekend will be great.  We are making it a 4 day weekend instead of a 3 day.  Husband has to go to Doctor’s tomorrow.  I’m making him get this mole taken off his face.  Don’t like the looks of it so that will be tomorrow.  Then working in the garage.  Saturday going to the farmer’s market to get that last bit of vegetable goodness.  So sad that has to end.  Didn’t get there nearly enough this year but I’m grateful for getting there at all.  Sunday going to the movies and that’s always a blast.  Oh I forgot about all the sleeping in and nap taking this weekend, that’s always welcome 🙂 … Then on Monday, Labor Day just tying up all the loose ends that we didn’t finish on the first 3 days.  I hope we get the garage done enough to at least pull the car in.  We still have so much to throw away.  I refuse to find a space for it and I’m not going to rent a space.  It’s going in the garbage.  I’m through moving it.   

The only thing I’m moving from now on is me.  Well that is I’m moving on in my life.  This really is my new start, my box.  I should say, “Our” because I’ll keep the husband around.  He’s good for a lot of stuff.  He takes care of me and the family, he works very hard.  He’s so much fun to hang around with.  I wouldn’t have anyone to go to the hockey games with.  He makes me smile and laugh and who would take the dogs out when the weather is bad and change the kitty litter ??  So he’s staying ❤  Life is good and I am grateful.  Gratitude is the best medicine for life.  My sister reminded me of that yesterday, thank you sister ❤ …

Going to do my planner and get this day rolling.  Weekend maintenance today, a few errands and I’m going to try to get dinner made.  The weather is suppose to be fantastic this weekend so we will enjoy that.  Have a great day, love ya bloggers ❤

4 Comments on “Hello Fall

    • You are amazing ❤ My hero Mz. D I hope you are doing well and enjoy this amazing weather we are having b/c we both know what's coming and I'm pretty sure we will both be whining about it soon enough ❤ Love ya

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