Good Monday Morning

Up early today, had a pretty good night’s sleep, the sun is shining and it’s still warm.  So that pretty much sums it up for a good start to this last week of summer.  I have already hit the planner, B O O M !!! and I have a plan for today.  

It was a pretty good anniversary weekend.  We are not really that big of party people.   We find it better to just keep it simple and lay low.  Fly under the radar.  We went out for dinner on Friday night downtown.  It was lovely.  Great food and even better company, the husband.  We had so much fun and we do what we do best, Laugh 🙂  This ones for you Husband ❤   


IMG_4706 IMG_4707He’s still the one after all these years, we’re still having fun and he’s still the one !!!  

So now it’s time to get ready for the fall.  First thing I’m going to do is plan something fun for this Labor Day Weekend…Then I’m going to start work on an editorial calendar.  I’m going to look at the blog and get it freshened up and start posting more with my planner.  That’s just for starters 🙂  Then I’m really going to put a full court press on with our business, Elan Creations.   This is the link I always put up for you to go look at.

 He’s working with oils now and really liking it.  Go check it out ❤

Well I better get going if I’m going to make, “Target Time.”  That was noon and daylight is burning.  Have a great day, bloggers ❤ … 




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