There is Love

Yes this was played at the Wedding and I still love it today ❤

So today is our 37th wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe that much time has gone by.  Our life together has been the most wonderful thing ever.  Now when I say that I don’t mean we have had  a glorious journey of love and happiness.  That would be nothing short of lie.  We have had a journey of love and happiness but not the kind you would think of when I say that.  So I guess the story of Mike and Patti should start from the beginning.  Now I’m not going to share all of the details with you because I don’t believe in putting everything out there for the world to know.  Just the facts ma’am to show you what I think better or worse means, richer or poorer is all about, sickness and health till death do you part.  So here we go.  Also I’m going to try to get this all in one post so I will also use brevity in my writing, sort of an exercise.

We started out when I was just a teenager and he was in college, Junior/Junior.  I was smitten with a college man, a Big 10 college no less.   He was tall, dark and handsome.  I really think I fell head over heels the first time I saw him.  There were 4 girls in my family and my oldest sister and her husband were friends with him.  They introduced us.  After we met at my childhood home, I went into the kitchen where my sister was and said, “Who was that gorgeous guy you just introduced me too??”  We had both attended the same high school only he was a senior when I was a freshman and we never crossed paths which was a good thing because we were in two totally opposite groups.  He was a jock (high school athlete) and I was a freak (1970’s hippy).  Really oil and water.  So it was good the God’s did not think it prudent that our path’s cross for a couple of years until I grew out of that rebel girl phase.  At the time we met, he had grown into a politically conservative poli-sci major.  So you see it never would have worked back in the day.

Our courtship grew.  I graduated high school on the fast track so I could catch up to him in college.  I thought becoming more of his peer would help the relationship or at least it wouldn’t hurt it.  I ended up going to the local community college, but it was college none the less.  After 2 years into the relationship, he was graduating college so once again he was leaving the education world we both shared and going out into the working world.  I once again thought it would be best to enter the work force with him even though I had only 1 year of secretarial science (that’s really dating myself, but that’s what it was).  I had to learn shorthand.  I’m pretty sure they don’t even use that now.  

I knew what I wanted and that was him.  I wanted to marry him and build a life.  He was my perfect man.  Educated, ambitious, conservative, Catholic, and very handsome.  He didn’t have money, yet.  As he puts it, “He wasn’t a guy who woke up on third base and thought hit a triple 🙂 )  His father had died when he was nine.  So anyone who can get himself through life and a Big 10 school on his own, I knew it was just a matter of time for him to make his riches.  Let’s face it, money is not a bad thing if you don’t view it as the only thing.  

I was a pretty simple girl.  I wanted to be a wife, mother and a homemaker with a lot of children.  That’s all, I didn’t need to have a palace for a home.  I didn’t have to have the crown jewel in my jewelry case.  I didn’t need European Vacations.  Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t think any of that is not great to do and that people who do have the wrong values.  I’m just saying that was not who I was and it was not who he was.  Although he did go to Europe when he graduated college as a gift from is mom.  I knew when he got back from Europe I would soon be engaged.   He would ask me to be his wife.  How did I know ??  Well the gift he brought me home from Ireland was 8 glasses of Waterford Cystal.  Much better than an engagement ring b/c I knew then it would just be a matter of time and it was.  He wasn’t going to let me get away with that crystal, I mean really.

So yes he asked me to marry him and I said yes.  He bought me the most beautiful diamond ring I could’ve ever hoped for.  We both had good jobs but after we married he wanted me to return to school to get my degree.  We had about a 14 month engagement and the perfect wedding.  It was simple but elegant.  Our honeymoon wasn’t to some destination like now, but it was loving and intimate.  We came home not to a big new home, it was a 3rd floor apartment.  Starting out our new life together, now looking back on it was really very perfect.  That was 37 years ago today ❤

 It’s been a journey, it’s evolved.  Those vows really do mean something…Richer/Poorer, Good times and Bad, Sickness & Health till death do us part.  I’d do it all again and I wouldn’t change one little thing.  I love you husband ❤  

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