Push through it, no matter…

So today I will, push through life it that is.  Life can be so cruel, so unjust, so just damn unfair.  Who cares though.  That really doesn’t change anything.  The only thing that accomplishes, you lose  (because you are too busy at your pity party to notice your options) and life’s injustices have prevailed.  I may have mentioned this in a previous blog about the bet me and the husband have.  Our bet is to see who quits first because of the crap life throws our way.  I told him, “I’ll take that bet and I’ll win.”  I don’t quit, I won’t quit because I have stood in line to long to give up.  He has taken the bet too !!!  He says he definitely will win, not.  He does not know what a formidable challenger he has married.  My philosophy on life is simply this, “Fate whisper’s to the warrier, “You cannot withstand the storm !!”  And the warrier whisper’s back, “I am the storm !!”  B O O M There is only one problem with that philosophy, he told me that quote.  So I’m pretty sure I’m up against pretty good fighter too.   I’m really not sure what the winner gets, but I know what you get if you lose aka quit, and I don’t want any of that.  

I think the winner will get love, happiness and peace.  Relationships, friendships, a life of goodness surrounded by family and friends.  I have seen what people who give up have, and I don’t want any part of that.  I have also watched the fighter’s who stay in the fight and keep going no matter what.  That’s what I want to be a part of.  Not only that, even if I/we haven’t won yet, we still have hope.  There’s still that chance for getting to the end of the rainbow.  Because that’s what life is about.  It’s not the rain or the storms.  It’s getting through them to that elusive pot of gold.  Life was never promised to be perfect or easy.  That’s what God is here for…Faith & Hope  

Both of us have had our challenges in life.  Him being a nine year old boy, coming home on the last day of school all excited getting ready for summer vaca with the news that his father who had just dropped him off that morning had died from a massive stroke.  So yeah I’m pretty sure he’s tough enough to withstand any old storm.  

Me, I had a rough start through my teenage years and beyond that into early adulthood.  I was in a very serious car accident at 21, traumatic brain injury (coma).  I couldn’t walk, left side paralyzed a long road back.  We also lost our 2nd son, Sean Patrick from birth defect.  So I guess technically you could say he’s had more because he was right there to see me through all of mine.  

Well it’s been a rough summer and the drama’s are just starting.  We will get through it and I will get into more detail after we get through it.  Maybe a little superstitious, jinxing it by saying we will get through it.  Don’t want to count my chicken’s, blah, blah, blah you know the phrase.  But either way we will survive, thrive because that’s just who we are.  We have faith and God is watching us, God is watching us from a distance.  Oh know I feel a song coming on.  Well thank God for music, because that always makes me smile.   My prayer for today.  I have my Angel’s with me and I know God is watching, and he really does have this ❤ …

That’s all for now, but I think that it was good enough…  I hope I can get back to my planner and my new listersgottalist stuff because that has some really, really cool and fun things to do.  It’s almost Friday and that’s our 37 wedding anniversary  ❤  We are going out to dinner in the city to one of our fav’s so how lucky am I.  I got my guy, who loves me to the moon.  He holds me when I cry, he takes my hand and keeps me steady (for now) and he kisses me in the morning when he sees me first thing, kisses me good bye when he leaves.  Kisses me when he gets in the car at night when I pick him up from the train and always kisses me good night.  Sometimes, (he thinks I’m asleep) he kisses me when he comes to bed for another good night kiss.  How much better can that be, I am loved ❤  and really that’s all that matters sometimes.  That’s good enough ❤  Have a great day, love ya ❤  Scarlett79 

3 Comments on “Push through it, no matter…

  1. I know from the many blogs of yours that I’ve read that you are a strong woman, and you WILL push through this challenge and move on to much better times. Life just changes and moves through its mountains and valleys and we must go with it. When we get lost, we stop moving forward and get sucked back into our past. Can’t let that happen!
    My love and best thoughts for the day! Nancy

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