Push through it, no matter…


So today I will, push through life it that is.  Life can be so cruel, so unjust, so just damn unfair.  Who cares though.  That really doesn’t change anything.  The only thing that accomplishes, you lose  (because you are too busy at your pity party to notice your options) and life’s injustices have prevailed.  I may have mentioned this in a previous blog about the bet me and the husband have.  Our bet is to see who quits first because of the crap life throws our way.  I told him, “I’ll take that bet and I’ll win.”  I don’t quit, I won’t quit because I have stood in line to long to give up.  He has taken the bet too !!!  He says he definitely will win, not.  He does not know what a formidable challenger he has married.  My philosophy on life is simply this, “Fate whisper’s to the…

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