Good Wednesday Morning

I know I just posted this but I thought I give a go for you Mz.D…Stay positive ❤

It is a good Wednesday morning too !!!  Yes, I got to see Dr. Scott yesterday and thank you Jesus my face/tooth are greatly improved.  Yes it was in need of a root canal and now some antibiotics but I’m okay with both of them.  After suffering through 2 days with that tooth, it really is such a relief it is better.  I still have to have more work done, but that’s okay because it’s fun spending time with our good friends.  Cheryl was there and we hung around and talked and laughed and it just feels like home when we are together.  Our friendship is truly one of our greatest blessings.  Thank you so much Dr. Scott and hey you are really good at the not hurting me thing 🙂  See you soon to finish up.

Well it seems like the kids are back in school today.  Man summer really goes by too fast.  When I was doing the kid thing, school started more like around Labor Day so I don’t know why they are starting so soon these days.  I get a twinge and I remember back in the day.  But time moves on and I really do try to live for today because today is good, today is now.  No point in looking back, rear view mirror.  I also remember longing for the days when I could have my life back and it’s good to be here.  I can do whatever I want to and that is good.  I get to make my own schedule and that is also good.  No more excuses which is fine.  The quiet is good.  I have my animals and they are just so sweet.  They stay by me and give me lots of love and attention ❤  Unconditional love ❤   

I think the first thing I am going to get busy with is my planner and my new found love, listersgottalist.  Then I’m going to get busy with our store .  I have a couple of places I am going to be hanging up the pictures.  I am learning a great deal about selling and marketing and just not quitting.  It’s like I’ve said before, you don’t lose if don’t quit.  Never, never quit !!!!

So these 3 pictures that I’m posting that the Artist did shows you how 

  1. First he sees something random and it speaks to him
  2. Then he sketches it out and paints it, watercolors or oils whatever grabs his attention
  3. Then the finished product, which usually sits there for a couple of days, maybe even a week by the mantel so he can look at it, study it until I finally say let’s gets this an amen to it and put the John Hancock on it (signature 😉 )   

So that’s all for now.  I’m going to get a plan going and the usual, ground zero, shower, laundry and food aka cooking lunch and dinner.  We are getting into that really cool fall season with pies and soups/stews.  Oh and I saw the mums at the store so I have to get me some of those and then the pumpkins !!!  Have a great day fellow blogger’s.  Also if you could just throw out a good thought and maybe a prayer to the man above for one of our fellow blogger’s who has kind of a battle going on right now, that would be great.  Give it up for Mz. D, I love ya all ❤

5 Comments on “Good Wednesday Morning

  1. So glad you are feeling better. I am also glad you are blogging! We love seeing you both, and yes it is so comfortable being with you two. I believe we know each other better than anyone else does. No matter how much time passes it is always like we haven’t skipped a beat. Love you.

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