Glad that’s over !!!


My birthday that is.  Never really liked my birthday and IDK why, but whatever.  I did stay in bed all day with a miserable, horrible toothache.  I am going out to see Dr. Scott today !!!  I/we are so lucky that our best friend is a dentist. 1. Because I really don’t like going to the dentist.  2.  He really never hurts me.  3. and it just is more reassuring to go to a dentist who you really, really trust and ❤ .  Hopefully my bff will be working the desk (the wife).  

We all started out on this crazy thing called life together.  They were our neighbors.  We were married within weeks of each other.  He was in dental school and she was a teacher.  Me and the husband were both working in the city.  Neither one of us had kids yet.   It was a Saturday morning and he came over and was going through our garbage.  I looked out at the back porch and asked him, “Can I help you?”  He asked me if he could have the carpeting that was in the garbage that I was throwing away.  He wanted it for his basement that he was trying to fix up.  I told him to go for it if you really want it.   We always tell that story when we stroll down memory lane together.  That was 36 years ago.

We had our babies together, raised our families together, Graduations, Weddings, Funerals, laughed and cried together. Pretty much we’ve spent our lives together.  They are really part of the family.  It’s one of those blessings that God gives you that you sometimes overlook.  But let me tell you as I was laying in my bed with my face throbbing from this stupid tooth, I was thanking God for Dr. Scott and wishing that today would hurry up and get here.  So that is what I’m doing this afternoon.  Going and getting this tooth fixed.  I only hope it’s not to complicated  !!

I’m going to get something to eat that is soft, probably an egg on toast with some yogurt.  Get in the shower and clean up the house b/c it’s a mess.  I did nothing yesterday, well you know except lay in bed and have a tooth ache.  So today it’s ground zero for sure and cleaning up my planner supplies because they are strewn out everywhere.  My Listersgottalist stuff is coming so I’m excited about that and my planner girl supplies are coming too.

I’m also going to really get busy with our store, this is the link.   You must go check it out.  We are always adding new artwork and he just keeps getting better.  You know our mission statement:

Elan Creations

Elan Creations is a small business built on big dreams

Our main goal is to provide original paintings and

artwork at affordable prices

So go have a look and let me know what you think.  Have a great day fellow blogger’s and remember, I love ya ❤    

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