Happy Birthday to me…

Now who can feel sad starting out with this…” FEAR THE FEATHER’S” !!

It’s almost here

Well I wasn’t going to post today but I think I will.  I’m not a big fan of birthday’s, at least mine that is.  I always tell my people that birthday’s are very special.  I say, “The world was changed forever the day you were born.”  Some how that just doesn’t seem to apply  to me.  The husband asked me what I was going to do for my birthday today and I said, “Go back to bed, cry and feel sorry for myself.”  For some reason it just feels like that sort of day and besides that I have a bad tooth ache and made an appointment with Dr. Scott for tomorrow.  I mean really could this day feel any worse.  So when I went back to bed after taking him to the train, I fell asleep and dreamed my dad called me and wished me a happy birthday.  My dad died in June so yeah I got up and quit the sleeping & dreaming b/c that’s not what I want to think about either.IMG_4428

It’s really uncommon for me to be this down and depressing.  I usually am always finding the bright side of things, the silver lining.  So I’m not really sure what’s up.  I guess that means I need to make a list of things to be grateful for because that always helps.  So here goes.  I’m going to find 10 things to be grateful for.

  1. It’s my birthday !!  Woo Hoo
  2. I have a really, really great bed to cover up my head and feel sorry for myself inIMG_4220
  3. I have 3 great animals that never leave my side, especially when I’m feeling sad
  4. I had starbucks, (on the house, my birthday drink) for breakfast
  5. The husband has a great job, I have a really nice car to drive him to work (the train) in the morning and I always get a kiss goodbye ❤   
  6. I have some awesome kids who really do love me


  7. I have a friends who really love me too !!!IMG_3311
  8. I’m healthy (less the tooth ache) but really that doesn’t even count
  9. I have a sister who loves me, Liz ❤

    Liz & Michael
  10. It’s still summer, for a couple of more weeks !!

There now you see, you can always find something to feel good about.  That really helped me to feel better, and you know what it is my birthday so if I want to stay in bed all day I can.  I mean really don’t you just sometimes wish you could stay in bed all day.  Well after I get tired of staying in bed watching tv, I’ll take a shower and get to ground zero.  I think I’ll work in my planner (that always, always makes me feel good).  I’m going to watch some youtube on, “Listersgottalist,” that is some fun looking stuff.

So now I’ll end with a song to me…Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meee, Happy Birthday to me…  And I wish me any more, and I wish me many more, may God bless and keep me, Happy Birthday too mee.  Cha, cha, cha ❤

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