Monday’s done, it’s Tuesday time


So today’s song is going to be another one from Alabama.  I was going to use this one yesterday but it’ll work for today ❤  “Cheap Seats” which these definitely were not !!!

Yes the days and weeks of summer are just flying by.  So sad because I have done little of what I wanted to do this summer.  In fact, I haven’t done anything that was in my summer journal.  I have only been to one White Sox’s game this year and that one was what I blogged about yesterday.  Oh and while I’m on that subject, last night Connie fb messaged me with a picture of me and the hubby making our television debut on the sports reel for that game on the MLB sports channel.  The husband does not look happy at all 😦 and me I’m just being my beautius self in my Ray Ban’s !!!   Of course looking at the player’s I think it was just after one of the 3 homer’s they just hit that inning.  They were doing their happy dance again.  We made it through the 5th inning, like I said it wasn’t a great game.13987042_289998648026452_863121259_o

It’s Tuesday time and I was somewhat productive yesterday.  I got into my planner, got to ground zero, and on we go.  Had dinner last night at Homerun Inn Pizza so that was kind of nice.  Just spent a quiet evening at home with the husband.  

Not sure about today, so I’ll just let it happen.  I’m going to work with my planner.  I’ll try to take some pictures of it.  It is really very cool and looking great.  I think one of my friends is coming over later and we are going to work on the house.  She’s my friend that makes the place look really good.  When I get it finished, I’ll put some pictures up.  I hope your week is going good for you.  The heat is coming back, dog days.  That’s okay though because it will be winter and snow before  you know it.  

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