Monday, Monday

So the first thing I’m going to do today is write a blog.  Totally free writing, I’m not even going to think about it.  Weekend was great, the weather was beautius !!!  It’s payday this week and bonus week so all is right with my world.  The husband took me to the baseball game yesterday, Row 3 Seats 1 & 2 !!!  Best seats in the house.  Some of the perks being married to a salesman.  I’m his favorite customer.  These definitely weren’t the cheap seats !!!  The game kind of sucked, they lost 10/2.  First inning they were losing 2/0, then the 2nd inning 8/0, 3rd inning 10/0 so you see where I’m going with this.  But the husband says you can’t beat fun out at the old ballpark, and that was where our first date was 40 years ago.  Yes that’s right we were playing the Milwaukee Brewer’s.  It was my first baseball game ever.  So it’s always a great thing going to the ballpark with my guy.  I love you ❤

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Still have so much to do with unpacking this house.  So much work and I am really getting too old for this.  My hands hurt a lot, IDK why.  It’s all good though, exciting to look to the future.  It feels good but today is good and that is what really matters because tomorrow is promised to no one.  

Got the husband off to work and out of my hair.  He’s great but sometimes, well you know 37 years in a few weeks <3.  Oh that’s right he was giving me crap about my planner supply subscriptions.  Really the one day that he looks at the checking acount all my paypal charges show up.  They really need a button on paypal that says, “Hide charges from the husband’s computer !!!”  And Amazon needs a delivery option that says do not deliver if the husband is home !!!  Whatever, he knows who I am and loves me and puts up with all my planner/scrapbooking madness …

Well I need to get planning my week, get to ground zero and unpack some boxes, yeah… Hope you are feeling better connie, I love you too ❤  He was sick yesterday.  Have a great week everyone.  Enjoy this summer, it’s almost over Mr. Nightlinger ❤


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