The world looks different now…

Hi been away for a bit, but I figure that’s okay because I needed to process a loss.  The loss of my father.  It has no timetable so I’m just going to let it go how it’s suppose too.  My feelings are not going to be right or wrong.  I think they I will just let them be.  I’m not really ready to share them because I just want it private for now.  

Writing is how I get through things.  It becomes clearer and I don’t feel so bad when I write.  I have always wanted to write a, “How to Book.”  I’m into all kinds of organization and my planner for those who know me. I need a plan for everything.  Life seems easier to get through with a plan because when life happens at least you have some control of how it’s going to happen.   

I think I’m even going to put up some music with my post.  Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Travelling Man and Beautiful Loser.  I always make the husband sing this for me.  He does it so good, enjoy ❤  Like it looks in our picture, we just put our arms around each other hold on and never forget to laugh.  Life is too short to be anything but happy 🙂  I love you husband ❤

 I got my poem out today, “Don’t Quit”  This is my favorite poem and it makes so much sense for me.  I thought I would share with you a bit of my plan for surviving life…

Don’t Quit

When things go wrong as they sometimes will when the road your trudging seems all up hill, when the funds are low and debts are high and you want to smile but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must but don’t you quit.

The first thing I think you should do when life happens is to get your support system into place.  That means your people that you can count on.  Now hopefully you have surrounded yourself with people who have your back.  If that’s not the case, then now’s the time to do some house cleaning.  One of my favorite quotes during a crisis is, “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem,” and Lord knows you don’t need anymore headaches.  So only put the people around you that are going to be good for you and build you up, not make you feel like you are a loser.  Because that is what you need to get through life’s challenges.  Life just happens sometimes and you need to keep going.  Don’t quit !!!!

The next thing you should do is get your financial house in order.  I’m not preaching but just make sure you have the money you need to survive.  Money for food and shelter come first.  No one but you cares if you eat or have a safe place to fight you battle so you have to make sure that is covered.  Rest is important and keeping your health good is first and foremost no matter what.

Life is queer with its twists and turns , as everyone of us sometimes learns, and many a failure turns about when he might have won had he stuck is out.  Don’t give up thought the pace seems slow, you may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out-The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.  And you never can tell how close you are, it may be near when it seems so far.  So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit !!!

                                                                                                                                         Author Unknown

I guess the most important thing that I can take from this is if you don’t quit, you don’t lose !!!  So just don’t quit.  No matter what, go ahead and rest, take a day off from the worry and stress just stay in the game and don’t give up or give in.  Nothing last forever.  Change is the only thing that is constant…Some of my philosophy also is do no harm and leave the situation, whatever it is, better than when you came.

Just some food for thought and getting through life the way we all do, one day at a time.  I know that everyone has something whether or not they say they do.  It would be nice if everyone could support each other, but that’s not realistic so I’ll just do what I can do to make this a better place to live.  I can live with that ❤  Blessings

2 Comments on “The world looks different now…

  1. I found ‘Don’t Quit’ in my mother’s things after she died…she had a long battle with cancer, but was planning a quilt the day before she passed. Love the poem and the sentiment, and it was a treat tos ee it in your blog. All the best from another who sorts life by writing!

    • Thank you so much for sharing. My boss gave me that poem when I was just a young woman trying to figure out this crazy world and it has got me through many of life’s challenges. Thanks for visiting ❤

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