Hello Sunday

So I’m not really sure what to write about today so when I come to that I just sit down in front of my computer and get on wordpress aka my blog and I start typing.  It’s kind of fun just seeing what comes out.  

First I think I’ll give a little shout out to a new friend I made on Friday.  She is a fellow blogger and we met for lunch.  We are blogging buddy’s now we became lunch buddies too 🙂  So go and check out her blog because she’s a really good writer.  She helped me come up with a limerick for our new website.



 So now I have a new friend to have lunch with and that is always a good thing.  We took a couple of selfie’s, but I didn’t like the way I came out.  Hey D if you are reading this and you like your selfie that we took, go ahead post it.  It was a really nice lunch, we should exchange info and set up another lunch date.  Maybe we’ll try that restaurant you mentioned. 

Here’s some music for your Sunday, even though it’s kind of not like music for a Sunday…It’s for you Connie ❤  I love you ❤

We had an inquiry on our Handmade by Amazon for a picture which is always exciting !!!  I put up a blog on that site today, but I have more fun over here.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to blog about over there.  I have to do some research and see how that’s going to go.  I have a lot to do and I like it that way.  

Well I’m going to cook my Apple Pancake and some smokies for me and the husband.  I’ll try to get the recipe up too 😉  Very easy and deliciouoso.  Is that a word ??  Well it is for me.

Here is the finished product.  I really love, love to cook.  My next kitchen is going to be very cool.  All the bells and whistles !!!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!!  Love ya and don’t forget to go check out  


As long as I’m making mention if you buy anything at Amazon, go through the link on my Blog’s front page on the left.  You guys are the best and enough of the self promoting ❤  Happy the rest of the weekend.  Let’s get ready for Monday **B  O O M**

4 Comments on “Hello Sunday

      • I’m going to link to your post on Thursday about the Lamb of God lead singer (your trip to D.C.) if you don’t mind. I’m writing about the Bonnaroo music festival which happens to be in my hubby ‘s home town of Manchester, TN and L of G is performing there this weekend!

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