Hello June

Well almost…It was a really great weekend and I’m sorry to see May go.  I realized I really love May ❤  It is always somewhat warm, and you can count on no more snow.  It is the month where I can officially say, “I survived another Midwestern winter !!! B O O M.”  Once June hits it is officially the  beginning the summer, which means the clock is now running and you better manage your time well because time is short when it comes to summer in the Midwest.  

I have a lot of plans for the summer but I’m just going to start with this month.  Here is what’s up around my window for the month of June.

  1. Do my planner for the month of June (of course)
  2. Continue on my,  “Artist Way,” a lot to do i.e. Morning Pages, Artist Date  I’ll explain all of that along the way.  I thought I might even start blogging about it.
  3. Keep working at the store   http://ElanCreationsPainter.com
  4.  Keep packing and looking for a new place, closer to the city…
  5. Picnic and Barbecues
  6. Garage Sale
  7. Start reading my 1st book  

 That’s about it.  Don’t you think, I need a nap already.  Happy Week and Blessings Blogger’s.  I hope your summer is off to a great start !!!!

One more thing.  I got a video of our Bella and Mr. Louie (the kitty) yesterday.  Here is your dose of cuteness for the day ❤  I love it, it makes me smile 🙂

6 Comments on “Hello June

  1. I love garage sales! I haven’t been to a picnic in ages, but I really should get advantage of the warm June weather and have one!

    • Let’s hope I get busy!! Been having some lazy summer afternoon naps.. I give myself permission to nap 🌻🌻

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