Happy Memorial Day/Happy Summer

Well there’s a great title for a post.  I really am happy summer is here !!!  

Friend’s the husband says, ” Don’t look at what people say, look at what they do.”  I will focus on my real friends and I have a couple of really good friends and I’m thankful for them.  We saw some of those really, truly great people that is in our lives.  The husband came home early to take me out to the dentist.  The office is a bit far i.e. expressway driving so my guy, being the great husband he is took me out there.  He’s the best husband in the world, okay back to the friends.  

That would be Dr. Scott & Cheryl.  We lived side by side when we were young marrieds.  We got married a week apart.  He was in dental school and we were just beginning our married lives together too.  Neighbors living in very humble townhouses and starting our journey out together.  We are still together, 35 years later.  Yes he is our dentist and I had a dental emergency yesterday.  He is really such great dentist.  He makes me smile and that’s always helpful when you are at the dentist 😉  Cheryl came in later, after the office was closed.  We just talked, and talked, and talked like we always do.  If someone doesn’t say, “We have to go home or leave to feed the dogs,” we would probably still be standing there talking.  We always laugh and we can say anything we want to.  It is wonderful to have friends like that in our lives.  They are closer than family and we love them to pieces and I say thank you Dr. Scott for fixing my tooth.

I’m also going to share this video with you, because it’s much better than the video I took last summer when we saw him at Summerfest.  He’s just the best.  We go and see him every summer so I guess it’s fitting to put up this on my Memorial Day summer post.  

I’ll tell you a quick little story.  We saw him at a venue one year and we had come in the concert a little late.  He was up singing one of his love songs, I think it was, “The Search is Over,” that he made famous w/Survivor.   As he was singing it, we were walking by the stage going to our seats and he came down, off the stage in front of the whole audience, and kissed me.  I was so thrilled.  For a 50 something lady, it really was a thrill of a lifetime.  We really love his concerts, they are just such a blast…We love you Mr. Peterik, blessings for a great summer to you.  We’ll see you at one of your concerts this summer soon ❤ …

So I have made my summer plans.  They are pretty simple, but that’s not always a bad thing.  I am going to read 3 books this summer and continue with my Artist Way class.  Met a bunch of really great writer’s and so I’m going to pick their brains  and soak up as much as I can !!!  I’m going to picnic a lot while I’m reading my books, probably go to festivals and see our friend Jim Peterik lead singer w/The Ides of March…Vehicle Baby, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go…

Well I need to get a post up on our new website.  I hope you will visit there often and maybe even buy something.  We are going to be posting new paintings all the time, so definitely make a stop there everyday.  Bookmark it 😉  Blessings blogger’s and have a great start to your summer ❤  Love ya ❤ … 


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