Elan Creations

So I am just putting a quick post.  So excited !!!  Today I worked with our website guy and put the finishing touches on our Website, “Elan Creations.”  So it will be up and I will link all of you my favorite blogging buddies to our new site.  I can finally do justice to the beautiful artwork that my husband has been painting for the last 3 years or so.  Yes we want to sell them but really he just has a picture he wants to paint so he does.  My home is surrounded by his beautiful artwork and I want to show it off to the world,  B O O M ….  I really hope you’ll join us on this new journey.  Blessings ❤  The Blog should be working on Wednesday, not really sure of the time, but for sure by Thursday.  Check back and I’ll have the links posted ❤  So excited 

5 Comments on “Elan Creations

    • OMG I was up with the sun today and the mind was just moving 100 mph. So many ideas and questions and so scared of screwing up because I’m kind of low tech and the husband is no tech so. Well I’ll just have to let myself be bad so I can get good at this. Blessings and looks like tomorrow will be the day !!! B O O M !!!

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