Daily Post/Survival

What can I say, it’s my survival song ❤ Build this dream together !! 

A good prompt.  It can mean so much to so many.  I look at it as a positive.  Never, never quit.  Sometimes you just have to put your head down and what I/we refer to as igging it out !!!  Total survival.  If you look at survival in the negative you are referring to it as I’m just surviving, oh woe is me.  However, if you look at it like, ” I survived, yeah me, I’ll live to fight another day then !! ” Good for you.  I choose the later.  Surviving is always a good thing.  As I say it’s better than the alternative, which is giving up and not surviving.  Taking the easy way (which is usually the hard way) and selling out.  Never works out good when you do that.  Strong people are usually the ones who when they have to make the hard choices to survive, they do.  I once set my goal as happiness.  I worked too long, too hard to come this far.  If I was going to give up, I should’ve/could’ve/would’ve a long, long, very long time ago.  I will not give up my place in this line that I have stood in.   I can truly say when I look in the mirror, “Good for you.  Another day, another gift, go get them ❤ ”  Then as I’m dropping off husband at the bus while we are waiting, he takes my hand kisses it and says, “The Love of my Life ❤ ”  No I think I will survive another day…Blessings to all ❤    

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