Branding and Growth/Day One:Set 3 Goals

Well I’m starting the blogging u courses again.  It keeps me in touch with my blog and I learn something new along the way.  Hopefully I’ll pick up some new follower’s.  I have been struggling today with getting something down, but again the fog is lifting thankfully to a couple of my blogging buddies.  This is one of the links

And another one of the links of my blogging buddies.  She’s a really, really good writer.  I only hope I can get as pithy her…Here’s her link to her blog

So here are my 3 goals, and they might be a bit ambitious but I’m going to just go for it !!

  1. Start an Editorial Calendar
  2. Follow 5 new blogs
  3. Put up a post (at least 1 everyday) and work on my challenges

So there you have it, check back and hold my feet to the fire.  Not really just a gentle reminder will do.  Blessings ❤

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