Happy Mother’s Day

This is for all of the women out in the world who make this a better place to be.  The husband said to me today (he woke me up at 7am grrrr), ” It’s always brighter after you get up. ”  I thought that was such a lovely thing to say to me, especially on Mother’s Day.  

Last night I was thinking I was going to put up a post on being a mom.  Then I thought how utterly un-original, a post about being a mom on Mother’s Day !!!  I think that there is just a few things that I would like to say about being a mom.  I absolutely love, love, loved being a mother.  I always knew that I wanted to have kids from the time I knew that we are the ones who have babies !!!  

Everyone of my children have taught me something valuable about life and motherhood and I can honestly say that I love each of my children.   I would not have given changed anything when it came to being a mom.  There have been days, and if you are a mom you know what days I am talking about.   Those just come with the territory.  It never gets any easier but it does change over time.

You worry and pray a lot, at least I know I did.  From the moment when they were a baby and the nurse brings him/her to you for that very first time and you get to hold them.  They grab ahold of your finger, they look into your eyes and then you are immediately hooked, 100 percent in love ❤    You wonder how will I ever get this wonderful person through life…It is truly a humbling experience.  Turn around, turn around and they are all grown up and yes you did it, with a little help along the way.  Breathe in, breathe out.  One day at a time, one step after another.  

The day comes when they are gone, leaving their handprint forever on my heart ❤  I am very proud to say that I have added beauty to this world.  I am forever blessed for being a mother ❤ …  


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