Abandoned-Daily Post

Abandoned, I am abandoning the political race…It is too depressing.  To think that the only two candidates we could come up with to run, I mean really. They both couldn’t be farther from real world.  They fly around on there mega jets and try to tell us they can make America great again.  Really, I don’t think so.  I don’t think I’m even going to hold my nose and vote for either of them.  Neither of them know what kind of world that I live in day to day.  I don’t want the government to give me anything.   I want them to keep our country safe from foreign and domestic enemies.  I want them to keep the interstate roadway in shape.  Other than that, get out of my life.  The government has pretty much screwed everything up in this country that was good.   America is a mess and we have the government to blame for that.   It’s definitely not going to get better with a President Hilliary (crooked, liar-liar, and what’s with that cough) and I can’t even watch Trump talk let alone watch him for the next four years…It is a pretty depressing political year.

It’s been a pretty bad year all around, it has to get better.  I mean the Blackhawks lost in the first round.  We don’t have any good candidates for the the presidential circuses and a circus it is going to be.  I really can’t even get excited about the White Sox yet, but hopefully the fog will lift and things will work out better than I think they will.

I did start a writing course so maybe I should just go down in my own little corner, in my own little room and start writing my book…I’m pretty sure that would cheer me up.  And I started a, “Post a Day.”  Hopefully that will brighten the day.  Blessings ❤ …

I’m going to remember one thing that I have told myself over and over again. President’s come and go but America is bigger than any president.  It is made up of you and me and we the people will always be bigger than any government.  They work for us, and we call the shots…I will always exercise my right to vote !!!  God is watching, from a distance ❤ … 

2 Comments on “Abandoned-Daily Post

  1. I would hate to have to choose between those 2, neither is someone I would like to think was running a country I lived in!

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