Very Successful Sunday/Weekend

So there is my tree Season’s and I think she’s getting her swag on rather nicely.  She is beautiful and she will not disappoint again this year.  Here is another really pretty tree by my house.  I just love the trees in the spring ❤

I can’t help it either.   I went to look for some music and all I could come up with was this…The husband turned me onto this song and I just love, love, love the way he sings this.  He sings this a lot and he doesn’t even know I love listening to him sing this.  If I told him, he might not sing it and that would be terrible.  He knows all about the guy who wrote it and it makes me love the song even more.  He told me all about Leonard Cohen and how he struggled when he wrote this song.  


IMG_4199 IMG_4202So I am experiencing a little withdrawal from the atozbloggingchallenge and don’t know quite what to do so I was working on my planner/planning session for most of the weekend.  It was a good weekend to stay in and cook.  Yesterday we had Starbucks for breakfast and I made a big pot of Chili mac w/Corn Bread & Honey Butter for dinner…It was really good.  I used a new recipe and it was delicious.  I also baked a chocolate cake for dessert.  We had bluebunny ice cream on with the cake.  Today we had cinnamon rolls (that I baked, from scratch) for breakfast and I made a couple of dozen so we have been eating them throughout the day.  For brunch I made Egg McMuffins which we both love and I juiced.  Really the weather was so bad, cold & rainy, I almost started a fire.  Once I got baking in the kitchen, it warmed up.

The husband sketched new paintings today and I worked in my planner.  I created a Midori (Journal).  I have been wanting to for awhile now, so today I just did it and it turned out pretty nice.  I used my laminator which was the first time I used it and it was kind of tricky.  The husband was ignoring me as I was having trouble getting it to work.  He was acting like, “Don’t ask me…Can’t you do this when I’m not here…”We had a great laugh when I did finally get it working.  I messed it up a little be, but it will be fine.  It was my test run and the mistake will give it character.  I’ll take some pictures of it and post it.   I’ll show you more of it later, but it really turned out very cool 😉  Enjoy the pictures ❤

This is the Midori I made. That’s the cover of the actual journal. I put all kinds of supplies inside the cover and carry that when I’m on the road. It’s not so bulky.
Planner with May planning supplies ❤
Webster Pages Planner ❤
Daily planner for May with new planner supplies ❤

And we watched the Sox win and split the series on the road !!  They had a great road trip, I think their record was 6/2 on the road, and Chris Sales is 6/0 with is pitching record !!!  How great is that !!!

Busy week coming up and hopefully the weather will improve. We are moving so I have to get started with the packing.  It’s probably my least favorite thing to do, moving that is but I think it’s time to move on…I’m sure wherever we end up, it will be good.  Have a great week blogging buddies, blessings ❤



6 Comments on “Very Successful Sunday/Weekend

    • Would love too, but probably not … Husband’s job in Chicago and we didn’t win the powerball last night😎😎. Long story, we’ll have lunch and talk 😊😊

  1. I’m impressed by your scratch-cooking, and still having time to create a journal! And I love Leonard Cohen, and especially ‘Hallelujah’!

    • I love, love, love to scratch cooking. I got good at it from watching my little Italian grandma and of course my mom !!! They were the best, not only that it was straight from the garden on the farm… All of us city kids use to ask in the morning if it was real milk or the cows milk 😎😎

  2. I have lots of trees in my yard too. In fact the whole neighborhood is filled with trees. And I’ve been watching them come back to life. Slowly but surely they bud. Some smell very nice too. There’s one down the street that is a real show-off. Spring is my favorite season. There I said it. There’s renewal in the air. That’s what I love most about it. Renewal ***

    • Spring really is a beautiful time of year, but you can have those cold, rainy and raw days ugh…Like this past weekend. I don’t think we went out at all on Sunday ;( Blessings ❤ Thanks for visiting ❤

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