atozbloggingchallenge/”Z”is for Zillionaire

Which is what I am going to be tonight after I win the Powerball, yeah right 😉  You know there really is no dollar amount that I could put my finger on that would have an impact on my life.  I really don’t think I would be doing anything different than I am doing right now even if my checking account had a “Zillion” dollars in it.  

It’s true what they say, “Money can’t buy happiness.”  And it can’t.  Everything I have in my life that makes me happy and who I am can’t be bought anywhere.  If you have that much money, you would spend all your time holding onto it.  You would never know who your friends really are or even if you had any true/blue friends.  No I think I’m just fine the way my life is now.  I have a husband who loves me to the moon and has a great job.  Great family and everyone is healthy.  A roof over my head which allows me to be the best homemaker I can be and a refrigerator that’s full.  Oh and plenty of planning supplies and stickers.  Last but certainly not least, I have you.  That’s right you, my friendly blogging family who I share my writing with !!!

A to Z Blogging Challenge has been a blast.  Thanks for reading ❤  Blessing’s

17 Comments on “atozbloggingchallenge/”Z”is for Zillionaire

  1. You are so right! I know you well and your happiness doesn’t come from money. I love that about you! You are blessed in the right ways dear friend.

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