atozbloggingchallenge/”Y” is for Yellow

As in Yellow Hat…I am going to do the challenge today and be perfectly self-promoting…I know I thought about the word You, and Yesterday but then when I was walking to me computer Yellow popped into my mind so I’m going to show you a picture of the husband’s painting, “The Yellow Hat.”  If you really like it just email or get me a message.  You could also check out our Amazon Handmade Acct. (here is the self-promoting part)…

Summer Dreaming
The Yellow Hat

If you go to our site on Amazon, you won’t see this picture there because I had some trouble with loading it because of the dimensions.  You can still go and look at our store, we have a lot of really great original watercolor paintings for sale (more self-promoting) that are very affordable.  I hope you enjoyed the post and the painting’s…Blessings ❤ TGIF


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