atozbloggingchallenge/”X” Marks the Spot

I know, I’m stretching it a bit but after all it is Day 28th of this challenge so I figure maybe I can get away with it…And besides that all I could think of was X-Ray.  That’s original, NOT   😉  So here goes…

“Considering the last use, we find X in the classic phrase of pirate adventures and hidden treasures, X marks the spot, to indicate where something unknown might be found. Yet the expression has a fairly unexpected origin: Chicago gangsters.

Before the fixed expression came about, there is evidence of using the letter X to show the location of something on a map, at least from 1813, according to the Oxford English Dictionary:

‘The three crosses X mark the three places where we were let in’

But it wasn’t until a century later and the height of Chicago gangsterism that the specific phrase X marks the [murder] spot came into its own.”  This is his credit that I searched around for…

Word-origin blogger JessJennison says [X Marks the Spot]”

I thought it was interesting to have a Chicago connection.  Enjoy and blessings for your day ❤

2 Comments on “atozbloggingchallenge/”X” Marks the Spot

  1. I think we’re all stretching it a bit for the letter X, but X marks the spot is a good one!

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