#atozbloggingchallenge/”O” is for Organization

This is one of my favorite songs.  I have always tried to figure out what it meant, and well what it means to me but I’ll save that for another post.  Enjoy ❤

“O” is for organization…My life as a homemaker I have been totally obsessed with organization.  Daily Plans, weekly maintenance, “To Do” lists, of course my beautius planner (which I love, love, love ❤ )  Life can seem so out of control at times, but then to give myself some illusion of having everything together my definition is controlled chaos…  My father use to tell me I would miss this mayhem some day and he was right, sort of.  I don’t miss getting sick every other week from some horrible virus someone brought home.  There were 6 of us then 7 so it took forever for health to return.  Sometimes it didn’t for months.  I use to call them cluster colds.  That’s when they go on and on and on and on.  You get the picture, oh and the stomach flu, everyone would stop eating any solid food or dairy for at least 4 days from the last time a person threw up, ewww… One time I had to bring in my oldest to the hospital, viral pneumonia in both lungs.  He was in 3rd grade.  Then right after I got him home the baby, Matthew then 15 months or so started throwing up and I had to take him to the hospital.   All of the nurses were like, “Oh did he relapse???  No, the baby’s got some kind of his own version of the virus.  This went on for years, 12 + school years.  Then of course there were the boy kind of injuries, broken bones ambulance rides, blah, blah, blah and the asthma attacks.  The asthma medicine that of course they told me this would make him hyper and jittery.  Oh so you mean just his normal self on steroids.  Remember at one point I had 1 son in high school, 1 daughter in middle school, another son in elementary and the last son was in preschool.  That lasted for, well I can’t even do the math because then a couple of them went to college.  I had 2 in college at the same time.  A senior in college and a freshman in college in different states.   So yes I am completely nuts by this time wondering if I will ever get back to my organized, nicely wrapped up little life in a box with a bow…Not  

Organization for me was to have a plan for everything.  A plan for when sickness hit, a plan for the summer, a plan for school, a schedule for housekeeping, a meal plan, yadayadayada.  Target shopping, grocery shopping, laundry schedule.  Like I said, I tried but then I didn’t fail.  I just got to the point that I said you cannot control this madness,  you can only breathe in and breathe out and get into the raft and ride it down the river.  Control is for coo coo birds.  It you aren’t one already, your will to live will no longer exist and all of the happiness in your life will disappear.   I’m going to give you a few pictures of my beautius planner that has been my life’s work.  This is how I kept my sanity, occupational therapy I think they call it 😉 

Daily Planner/March 17th  Isn’t it beautiful ❤

I had to remind myself that kids to grow up and move away, yay !!!  Then the silence and the control will comeback and yes you might not be too happy or you might just realize you once again have taken back control of your life.  You can now spend your days doing what you want to do and that’s okay, because I did my job as a mom and now it’s time for me...

I will close with one really great thing that came out of my quest for my organized life and that was I met a dear friend of mine.  She has walked through all of the fires with me and I really think God put her with me to keep me going because she did and she does and I love her.  She’s,  “Joe Organizer” (Beth).  I will always keep her near because I’m still not organized and she is huge support in this crazy life of mine.  I love you Beth ❤

4 Comments on “#atozbloggingchallenge/”O” is for Organization

  1. My sons are married and about to be. I love my retired single life. Sometimes I feel like no one needs me. But only when I am tired. In reality Who needs me more than I do. I do miss being a big part of their lives. But now I have a grandbaby and it’s all going to start again. I will be needed. Blogging is one thing I do to possibly make someone’s day better. Hang in there.

      • Me too. We can all learn a lot from each other. It is also reassuring when I see the posts of people all over the world reflecting the same ideas and hopes that I do. Peace, love, knowledge, compassion.

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