A Sad day in sports…

So I’m just going to put up a quick post because I have not missed a day this month so I’m going to have to keep the streak going.  The White Sox lost today which is not a big deal because it’s just the beginning of the season and they can’t possibly win every game.  But and this is a huge but, The Blackhawks lost game 3 at home, OMG…No I’m not going into panic mode, it’s just a little nerve wracking.  They gave up a goal on a power play so whatever, it happens.

And I always can find something on youtube that will make me feel good about the Blackhawks…They are my guys ❤

 Onto Tuesday’s game and again we will even up the series because it’s St. Louis and I just don’t think they are that good.  B O O M … I just like this picture ❤  Go Hawks… IMG_2517

4 Comments on “A Sad day in sports…

  1. Reblogged this on Scarlett79 and commented:

    Well I need something to get the mojo going for tonight…This was last year ❤ I'll always love my Hawks ❤ We can do this !!!

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