So is today the day, this Saturday that I can’t come up with the post to blog about the letter “N” ?  I say to that N E V E R !!!  Never, never quit ❤  OMG, just breathe in breathe out, one more step, just sit down and write and remember, never never quit and you will come up with the solution.  So for today I guess the word for the letter “N” is (N)ever or it could be (N)othing.  Either one, I’m never going to quit or nothing’s gonna stop me now ❤   What would my post be without some music to go along with your reading?  Well I’ll tell you, it probably wouldn’t be my blog that you were reading and it probably would be too quiet.  So with that said, here’s my song for today…Nothings Gonna Stop Us ❤

Oh and this is really me and the husband’s song, but it works for my post and I haven’t heard it in awhile.  I love you husband ❤  This one is for you ❤


The Hands of Time
The Hands of Time
All that I ever need is you <3
All that I ever need is you ❤

 I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful warm weather we are experiencing today.  Bright sunshine and holy cow the Blackhawks won last night 3/2 to even the series.  This is going to be tense.  We are in their heads so now we can come back with home ice advantage and definitely an edge up on the Blues !!!  Go Hawks ❤   

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    • Thanks for visiting ❤ I'm just kind o the glass is half full type of person. Life is always good when you are healthy ❤ Blessings to you for visiting ❤

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