atoz blogging challenge/”M”is for Maine

Maine, yes that is the state up there that starts that little area of what they call New England.  That is where my whole life was changed forever.  That is the state that I can runaway to and no one would ever be able to find me.  It is beautious.  You can go there and wonder how could anyone ever think we are going to have a shortage of trees !!!! Obviously they have never been to Maine.  The ocean looks just like you would imagine in your mind.  It has character with it rocky shorelines, covered in fog rolling in and out.

This past year I was lucky enough to vacation up in Bar Harbor. Almost experienced a Nor Easter. Me and the husband drove up there for his birthday because that’s where he wanted to spend it !! We stayed at a lovely inn where you could see the ocean from our room.

The most out of this world, amazing blueberry pie E V E R !!!
Blueberry Pancakes ❤
The License Plate game, hello…I won 😉















DSC00348 DSC00347 DSC00345 DSC00344 DSC00341 DSC00340 DSC00339 DSC00336 IMG_3036 IMG_3008

Building a tower of rocks in Portland, ME
Building a tower of rocks in Portland, ME
Portland Harbor Hotel
Portland Headlight
Yes, we went to the L.L. Bean Store and it was cool ❤
Our room and the Blue Nose Inn, Bar Harbor, ME
Flowers for the husband’s birthday ❤
True Love
True Love
Rocky Coast Line
Patti & Mike
Patti & Mike
Our house that we lived in Scarborough, ME ❤
Fastfoodie that we use to eat at alllll of the time ❤

Enjoy the pictures of our great adventure M A I N E ….Blessings Blogger’s ❤


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