#atozblogginchallenge/”J” is for Journal

Today’s letter is, “J” for Journal, or Journaling…I have yet to walk pass a journal that didn’t scream to me “Buy Me!!” That’s probably why I have 2 of every journal ever made.  I absolutely love, love, love everything about journals.  New journals, old journals any kind of journal.  I have a daily journal, a daily weather journal, a gratitude journal, a “10 Year” journal, a 5 year plan journal, a prayer journal and a travel journey for when we go on trips.  I think that about covers my journals.  

They are my safe, happy place.  Nothing ever goes wrong in my journal.  Oh I forgot my History Journal.  That is the one I’m going to leave for, well who knows who will get it.  All of my journal’s have a part of me in them.  The best part of me ❤  I just want to leave something of mine here for the generations.  Maybe it will matter to someone, or not.  That’s okay, because I contributed to this world. Blessings blogger’s with the atozchallenge ❤

My Prayer Journal ❤
Featured Image -- 5826
Technically Planner’s I still call them my Journal’s ❤

And folks that really doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the journals I own !!!  But I use all of them and I love to write in them…Maybe is if learn how to do it, I’ll have a give away on my blog.  I have already said at my wake (after I go to Heaven) they should take all of my journals and place them in a big box by the door.  When people leave, they are welcome to take one, any one and finish it for me.  They are all written in, well mostly.  There are a couple still new.  I thought that would be a fitting end for my journals…Love ya, and have a great day…Playoff’s coming soon !!!  Go Hawks ❤


4 Comments on “#atozblogginchallenge/”J” is for Journal

  1. I love journals! I have multiple journals and planners, but not quite that many. I keep a personal diary, a prayer journal, and a “can’t sleep” journal 🙂

    • Love the “can’t sleep journal” I always forget to use mine when I can’t sleep. I say , “If I get up and write, I’ll never go to sleep.” It’s a problem 😉

  2. ‘I have yet to walk pass a journal that didn’t scream to me “Buy Me!!” ‘

    Yes. This is me. The struggle is real.

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