#atozchallenge, I is for “I Can’t Hold Back”

Good Monday morning atozchallenger’s.   So I was trying to come up with, “I”.  Inspiration, internet (too much information), ideas, yadayadayadayada… Then went to look up songs, because I love songs.  I found this one by Survivor, “I Can’t Hold Back.”  It’s a good song and I read a little history on it.  Jim Peterik/keyboard/guitarist and lead singer with the Ides of  March, (Vehicle, hello) wrote it with Frankie Sullivan, guitarist of Survivor.  I guess they didn’t much care for each other so they just stuck to writing hit music w/each other 😉 Here’s the song for today…


It’s kind of funny when I watched the youtube video and saw Jim Peterik.  Wow, have we changed. Let’s see if you can guess which one is Jim Peterik in the video.  Here are some of the pictures I took with him.  We go to a lot of his concerts in the summer.  He puts on a really good show.  Very inspiring and a real blast from the past !!!


Here is some video that I took of him last summer in Milwaukee, WI at Summerfest ❤  Oh and he didn’t have purple hair in the first video ❤


Here’s another little story I have with Jim Peterik.  He was doing a Christmas Show at a casino that me and the husband were attending.  We came in after the show started and as we were walking to our seats, right in front of the stage where he was performing the song, “Searching” ( a very pretty love song ❤ ) he came down where we were walking and kissed me right on the cheek ❤  I thought I would die, I mean Jim Peterik just kissed me in front of the entire audience !!!  ** B O O M **  A great memory and of course the husband did not get a picture, but I’ll have the memory for life, so thank you Mr. Jim Peterik… Hope we see you again this summer.   Love ya, ❤    


4 Comments on “#atozchallenge, I is for “I Can’t Hold Back”

    • OMG I went to a concert and he was singing the song, “Searching,” and right when we were walking by the stage he came down and kissed me in front of the whole audience. Of course the husband didn’t get a picture of it, but it was really very cool. I guess we are kind of like the old groupies that follow him around during the summer months…Thanks for reading D ❤ Go Hawks !!!

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