A to Z Blogging Challenge/Day 8 “H”is for Homemaker & Housework


Song for Saturday …

So I’m just going to sit down and try to igg out a blog for, “H”…  Yes I am a homemaker and part of my job is housework.  Actually a lot of being a homemaker is cleaning of the home and making it a comfortable and clean place to live.  It is a very important job.  No one knows just how important it is until, here’s a quick story showing just how very important it is.

A father comes home from work one evening.  All 4 kids are outside playing in the rain.  They are covered in mud and are still in their pjs.  Startled, he scoops them all up and is starting to worry as they are all very young children and should not be outside alone!!!  He brings them in through the garage into the laundry room.  Now he sees the washer overflowing onto the floor.  He walks into the kitchen and the stove is on with water boiling over and the teapot whistling.  The TV is on as is the radio.  Now he is extremely concerned as he still does not see his wife.   He runs upstairs thinking the worst, could she have fallen and knocked herself unconscious or something worse maybe even something sinister has happened to her.   He burst open the door and there she is lying in bed, eating chips and watching TV.  He said, “Are you alright, is something wrong ???  I thought when I saw the children outside and the house imploding something must have happened to you.”  She looks up and smiles at him and replies, “Remember when you asked me what I do all day ??  Well today, I didn’t do it…” 😉  

More mess and OMG my newspaper addiction needs a serious intervention, AHHHH !!!

 I think that pretty much sums up my life and the life of a homemaker/mom/everything else ❤   Yes the only time we get people’s attention is when we don’t do our job.  Then it becomes really clear what it is that we do 😉  


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