A to Z Challenge/Day 6 “F” is for Family

Here’s our music for the day…Thank you husband for all the life we’ve had and I remember when ❤  

Well that pretty much sums up my life.  It’s all about the family !!  Now that all of the kids are grown and I look back on having a family and raising the kids the memories are the best.  Funny how I only remember the good.  I’m sure there were unpleasant times, but I just don’t remember them.  

Watching young marrieds with new kids is a lot of fun. The other night when we were out to dinner eating at Chili’s a couple came in with 2 kids, one a toddler the other a baby.  They had 3 bags in tow for the dinner, OMG !!!  I remember having  a diaper bag  and of course there was the bag of tricks for the older ones but I’m pretty sure I never had 3 bags for 1 dinner at Chili’s.  I suppose they have just created so much more for the baby’s and toddler’s, it’s all in the marketing.  I love, love, loved raising our children and having a family but I have learned to always stay in the moment because that is the best place to be.  No regrets or wishes to be somewhere else in my life.   Blessings, family ❤


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