A to Z Blogging Challenge/Day 5 “E”

This is such a pretty song and the artist/husband just loves the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.  He said you really don’t understand his artwork until you go see it in person.  He said that Van Gogh just wanted to be known as Vincent.  Enjoy ❤  

As I was laying down resting today, thinking about what I was going to blog about on the A to Z challenge for tomorrow, day 5 “E”.   Elvis, Eagles (the group),  everyone or everything.  I was going on and on trying to come up with something that had meaning in my life that began with “E”.  OMG sometimes I just have a block, and then there is the light, hello 🙂  The light, (E)lan Creations of course.


Elan is french for, “With Eagerness of Spirit”.  The Creations part the husband came up with.  Elan Creations is our Painting Store.  My husband of course is the amazing artist who does all the paintings !!!  I am the creative inspiration for him with some of his artwork and the manager, secretary, accountant, shipper, and on and on and on !!! Here are a few pictures of my artist/husband doing what he loves.  He paints anywhere.  His studio at home, in a hotel room, or even in the front seat of the car while he waits for me doing errands.  I love you Michael ❤  

I had a hard time picking out my fav. pictures of the husband/artist so I just put some of the ones I absolutely love, love, loved ❤  

I am just going to put up the link to our store that we sell through Amazon Handmade and you can go have a look see at his amazing paintings !!!  You might even see something that would look really nice in your home or office.  Very nice affordable original artwork.


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